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Memorial Day Desserts


While I’m going to hold off on making another flag cake until July 4th, I’ve found a few simpler patriotic dessert ideas that can be made to commemorate Memorial Day.  My holiday weekend officially starts tomorrow and I cannot wait!  Happy long weekend everyone!patriotic desserts

from top to bottom: mini pies via KatiesPencilBox // berry and coconut pops from AnEdibleMosaic // berry trifle from RecipeSnobs // patriotic picnic ideas from BHG

DIY: Pretty Up Your Punch

diy pretty up your punchWith summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to bust out the punch bowl.  Since there are so many delicious drinks to mix up for the summer season, I wanted to show an easy way to pretty up your drinks for summer entertaining.  For this example, I used a classic lemonade mix. diy lemonade recipe

Lemonade Ingredients:

  • 2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice, strained
  • 8 cups cold water (to dilute)
  • Simple Syrup mix: 2 cups sugar, dissolved into 1.5 cups boiling water; cooled

Additionally, you will need:

  • Bundt pan
  • Mix of fresh, edible flowers (I used violas)
  • Ice cube tray
  • Punch bowl


Juice and strain your lemons, then mix with water to dilute. Once the simple syrup has cooled (and thickened), add to your lemonade and stir to mix. Using a bundt pan, place a handful of your flowers in the pan and fill about halfway (approx. 3 cups) with lemonade. Freeze overnight.

lemonade ice

Do the same for your ice-cube tray, placing a flower in each cube. Freeze overnight.  As you’ll see, it’s best to put the flowers face-up in the tray.lemonade flower ice cubes

Once your ice is set, run the bottom of the bundt pan under hot water. The lemonade ice ring should easily come out.  Place your ice ring into your punch bowl and add in the remainder of your lemonade mix. Place the ice cubes into individual glasses and serve. pretty punchlemonade flower ice cubes

Kitchen Tour

While I was taking photos of the Paper Rose Garland I posted last week, I decided to take some photos of a few of my favorite things in our kitchen as well. Our kitchen is, by far, my favorite room in our apartment. For NYC standards, the space is relatively large and open, which is so nice to be able to have…especially with all of the entertaining we do.  My boyfriend, Chad, and I collect vintage and have found the majority of our kitchen items at thrift shops, estate sales and garage sales over the years. Here’s a little look.
rose garlandkitchen cansWhen Chad and I first moved into the apartment, I was so excited to uncover and wallpaper the cabinets. I had told him I wanted floral wallpaper, which was met with a bit of hesitancy. But to my surprise, I came home one day and was shown some adorable floral wallpaper that Chad had picked out himself.  The cabinets were the first thing we decorated when we moved in. Our dishes and serveware is a mix of vintage, Fishs Eddy, and Anthropologie.kitchen potskitchenkitchen cabinet

We scored this awesome wall clock in New Jersey, at one of our favorite spots to hunt for vintage treasures.  Lucky for us, it was the exact same color as our bread box and flour / sugar tins. The coat rack and apron are both from Anthropologie.kitchen clockUpon moving in, we discovered that there was an ironing board hidden behind what we had initially assumed was a closet. The board folds out and on the wood door there are signatures from people who have lived in the apartment prior to us. Of course, we signed it as well. While we don’t do too much ironing, the board is very handy for me, as it serves as additional counter space for my cakes when I’m baking.kitchen ironing boardOur oven is relatively modern, but I love that it’s two-tone, which gives it a bit of a retro feel. We found the Salt + Pepper shakers on eBay and the timer is from Whisk, an adorable and perfectly curated  kitchen store in NYC. kitchen stove

As you can see, we’ve definitely made the most of the space from a storage perspective. Every picnic basket, container and suitcase serves a storage purpose.  Table linens, seasonal glasses, and entertaining serveware are all tucked away above the cabinets.kitchen storagekitchen lemonsBelieve it or not, cookbooks of the past are more useful for me than cookbooks from today.  If there’s a modern recipe I need, I prefer to search online.  But if it’s a classic recipe, I’ll pop open one of these.kitchen booksThe pink recipe box was also from New Jersey. The beautiful Jadeite cake plate was a recent gift from Chad.  And the floral serving tray was from an antique store in Ocean Beach, San Diego. kitchen recipe boxkitchen plantThe magnets on the “A + C” note are my favorite.  My very talented friend Kate made us little magnets of our pets’ butts for the fridge.  They make me smile every time I look at them. kitchen magnetsOur ceiling is total perfection. The painted tin really compliments the retro feel of our kitchen.  I absolutely love it. kitchen ceiling

If you’re interested in seeing more of our apartment, you can also check out photos of our office HERE.

Monday Motivation: An Unbirthday Party

unbirthday party ideas

inspiration and DIYs for a Wonderland-themed party

1. Awesome Homemade Paper Lanterns from OhHappyDay 

2. Meringue Mushrooms from Cupcakes and Cashmere

3. Tea Cup Lights from Lace&Tea

4. Painting the Roses Red Cupcakes from Flutterby Cakes

5. Dessert Stands from Martha Stewart’s The Crafts Dept blog

6. Giant Paper Flower from DesignSponge

DIY: Paper Rose Garland

diy paper rose garlandpaper flowers

Materials Needed:

  • 40 Pre-made Paper Roses (follow link to the paper rose instructions/template below)
  • Twine

paper rosesclick here

Once you have about 40 paper roses, grab your twine and follow the below steps. If you’re not feeling up to making all 40, no worries; these garlands look great with even just a few place in the center of your garland. paper rose garland


1. Take a strand of twine and double it up.  The length of your twine will be dependent on where you plan on hanging the garland,  so make sure to measure your space first and then double that distance in twine.

2. Take each rose and loop the floral wire stem around the twine, wrapping tightly to secure.

3. Continue adding on roses until you’ve reached the opposite end of your twine. Then secure the garland to your desired display location and adjust the roses so that they’re all outward facing.  For long garlands, it may be easier to assemble the roses onto your twine after the twine has been set in place, to accommodate for any movement or twists in the twine.

rose garlandpaper roses

This garland would look beautiful in so many different places and can be hung and molded in many different ways. It looks lovely just about anywhere!  And if you’re just wanting to take it easy, even these individual roses look beautiful in vases.flower bottles