Travels: Cinque Terre

We had two full days in Cinque Terre and it definitely was not enough. This place is amazing and once late afternoon hits and the mass tourist groups leave, it’s pure magic.  We spent our time here exploring, taking photos, relaxing at our amazing hotel (La Torretta in Manarola…just look at the view from our room below!), swimming in the Mediterranean, laying on the beach, experiencing the most epic sunsets, accidentally dropping my phone off a cliff, repelling down a cliff to save my phone (that was just Chad), and of course, eating very well.  There’s not much else to say, as I think these photos speak for themselves.  On our next trip to Italy (there will be a next!) we will definitely be making another visit to this magical little land.

Other photos from our trip to Italy can be found here: ROME, FLORENCE, TUSCANY

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